Thomas Hein

Topics: Flooplain and wetland ecology, aquatic biogeochemistry, ecohydrology, ecosystem restoration

Google scholar

Thomas Hein, Group lead at BOKU

Gabriele Weigelhofer

Topics: Stream ecology, nutrient & matter ccycling, microbial ecology, resilience

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Gabriele Weigelhofer, Group lead at WCL

Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze

Topics: Ecology and physiology of periphyton, nutrient and matter dynamics, multiple stressors

Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze, Senior Researcher

Andrea Funk

Topics: Aquatic molluscs; habitat modelling, biodiversity

Andrea Funk, Senior Researcher

Eva Feldbacher

Topics: Project management, Citizen Science, education cooperations,

Eva Feldbacher, Project associate

Beate Pitzl

Chemical-technical assistent: hydrochemistry, CFA, HPLC, DOC

Beate Pitzl, CTA

Annette Puritscher

Technical assistent: Field work, Sensors, DOM spectroscopy, hydrochemistry

Annette Puritscher, TA

Stefan Preiner

Topics: Nutrient cycling, trophic models, metabolism

Stefan Preiner, PhD student/Project associate

Matthias Pucher

Topics: DOM and nutrient cycling, computation, nutrient models

Matthias Pucher, PhD student

Laura Coulson

Topics: Biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, effects of drying and re-wetting

Laura Coulson, PhD student

Damiano Baldan

Topics: Hydroecological modelling, biogeochemistry

Google scholar

Damiano Baldan, PhD student

Martin Tschikof

Floodplain ecology, nitrogen and carbon cycling

Martin Tschikof, PhD student

Risper Ajwang Ondiek

Ecosystem services, Floodplain ecology

Risper Ondiek, PhD student

Elmira Akbari

Phosphorus cycling, uptake and adsorption; microbial processes in stream sediments

Elmira Akbari, PhD student

Sonia Steffany Recinos Brizuela

Natural resources management; risk & vulnerability assessments to climate change; biodiversity conservation

Paul Meulenbroek

Fish ecology and taxonomy, Biodiversity, Aquaculture, Application of genetic methods in riverine landscapes

Google scholar

Silke-Silvia Drexler

project management, capacity building in development cooperations, small-scale aquaculture and gender equality with focus on Eastern Africa, fish ecology

Flavia Byekwaso

Wetlands, greenhouse gases, biogeochemistry; PhD scholarship by Schlumberger Foundation


Our former team members

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