Thomas Hein

Topics: Flooplain and wetland ecology, aquatic biogeochemistry, ecohydrology, ecosystem restoration

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Gabriele Weigelhofer

Topics: Stream ecology, nutrient & matter ccycling, microbial ecology, resilience

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Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze

Topics: Ecology and physiology of periphyton, nutrient and matter dynamics, multiple stressors

Andrea Funk

Topics: Aquatic molluscs; habitat modelling, biodiversity

Eva Feldbacher

Topics: Project management, Citizen Science, education cooperations,

Beate Pitzl

Chemical-technical assistent: hydrochemistry, CFA, HPLC, DOC

Annette Puritscher

Technical assistent: Field work, Sensors, DOM spectroscopy, hydrochemistry

Theresa Reichenpfader

Technical assistent: Hydrochemistry, microbiology

Olena Bilous

Topics: Algal ecology, resource flows and riverine metacommunities (RIMECO, MERI)

Florence Nansumbi

Topics:  Indicators of freshwater integrity: carbon and nutrient recycling, stream respiration and greenhouse gas emissions (APPEAR Grant)

Johannes Kowal

Topics: Network and connectivity analyses of riverine meta-ecosystems and analysing effects of river restoration measures (projects MERI and MERLIN)

Laura Coulson

Topics: Biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, effects of drying and re-wetting

Martin Tschikof

Floodplain ecology, nitrogen and carbon cycling

Elmira Akbari

Phosphorus cycling, uptake and adsorption; microbial processes in stream sediments

Sonia Steffany Recinos Brizuela

Natural resources management; risk & vulnerability assessments to climate change; biodiversity conservation

Paul Meulenbroek

Fish ecology and taxonomy, Biodiversity, Aquaculture, Application of genetic methods in riverine landscapes

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Silke-Silvia Drexler

project management, capacity building in development cooperations, small-scale aquaculture and gender equality with focus on Eastern Africa, fish ecology

Flavia Byekwaso

Wetlands, greenhouse gases, biogeochemistry; PhD scholarship by Schlumberger Foundation

Sharon Gubamwoyo

Wetlands, biogeochemistry, nutrient spiraling


Our former team members

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