Our experimental facilities

We provide over two sets of large outdoor flumes (benthic and hyporheic), several indoor flumes, hyporheic reactors, and water-sediment-soil mesocosms, operated by pumps.

For more information, see WasserCluster Lunz

Labs and analytical instruments

Wassercluster has several general and thematic labs (e.g. hydrochemical lab, molecular lab, radionuclide lab, microbial ecology lab, etc.), a lake lab for courses and sampling, and a climate chamber.


  • Nutrient and organic carbon determination in water and sediments, including sediment and soil extractions
  • DOM spectrocopic analyses (absorbance, fluorescence)
  • Bacterial abundances in water, sediments, and biofilms via flowcytometry
  • Chl-a and pigment composition via HPLC
  • Photosynthetic effiency (PHYTO-PAM)
  • Activity of extra-cellular enzymes, EPS, ecoplates, micro-resp
  • Various catchment, floodplain, and stream models for trophic states, matter retention, and habitat availability

For more details about methods, please contact us

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